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EyeBenefits has been promoting vision wellness since 1987, and we encourage you and your family to become more aware of vision wellness and the importance of an eye examination. With regular eye exams your eye care professional can detect problems early and prescribe proper treatments to delay or prevent vision loss. To learn more, please visit www.CheckYearly.com.


Parents and Children's Health


Among the children's health issues that parents are most concerned with, eyes and vision rank near the top. That's especially true because vision is very important to the development and education of a child. And parents must be extra-vigilant because a child may not realize that his vision is not normal. It's up to the attentive parent to notice the signs of a vision problem and follow up with a visit to the eye doctor for a children's eye exams.


More Americans than ever face the threat of
Blindness from Aging Eye Diseases


The leading causes of vision impairment and blindness in the US are primarily age related eye diseases. Cataract affects nearly 20.5 million Americans age 65 and older. About 2.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and another two million do not know they have it. More than 1.6 million Americans over age 60 have advanced macular degeneration. Diabetic retinopathy affects more than 5.3 million Americans age 18 and older. The number of Americans with age-related eye disease is expected to double within the next three decades. Read more.


Recommendations For Regular Eye Care


Birth to 24 Months  By 6 Months of Age
2 to 5 Years  At 3 Years of Age
6 to 18 Years  Before 1st Grade, Then Every 2 Years
18 to 40 Years  Every 2 to 3 Years
41 to 60 Years  Every 2 Years
61 and Older  Annually
Source: American Optometric Association 
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