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What Is The EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program?

How Does It Work?

Your eye care savings begin immediately upon receipt of your EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program Enrollment. As a member of the program, you get discounts on all types of eye care procedures and products, and there are no restrictions or limitations on the number of purchases on which you receive discounts. Your EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program Membership can save you up to 50% on LASIK procedures and other vision healthcare!

Is This Vision Insurance?

This is a vision healthcare savings program, but it is NOT insurance. You can use the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program as your primary way to save on eye care or to enhance your current vision insurance plan and save even more! You can use the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program to save on vision healthcare at countless independent optometrists, over 15,000 optical LASIK locations nationwide, and optical stores such as VisionWorks, America’s Best, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and many more.

How do I Become a Member?

Saving on vision care with EyeBenefits is easy, just follow these simple steps. Become a Member, starting at $30 for individuals and $45 for families per year. Choose one of the countless eye care providers who support the Eyebenfits Discount Vision Program. Visit an EyeBenefits participating eye care provider. Prior to your vision healthcare services, present your EyeBenefits Membership E-Card and receive your discounts! 

Discount Vision Program Benefits

  • Over 14,000 Optical LASIK locations nationwide are EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program participants.
  • Other participating eye care locations include independent Optometrists, Optical Stores such as VisionWorks, America’s Best, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and more.
  • This is a savings program, NOT insurance, which means you can combine any savings from the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program with help you already receive from a vision insurance provider.
  • Your EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program Membership begins IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of your enrollment.
  • As a member, there are no restrictions or limitations on the number of purchases you receive discounts on.
  • Your EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program Membership can save you up to %50 on LASIK procedures.
  • NO monthly premiums and NO copays

SAVING on vision care is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Become a member today, starting at only $30 per year for individuals and $45 per year for families.
  • Choose a participating EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program provider.
  • Present your EyeBenefits Membership E-Card before your vision healthcare service and receive your discounts.

EyeBenefits provides discounts rendered by program holders only. EyeBenefits does not make payments directly to contracted providers, nor guarantee the quality of services or products. The EyeBenefits cardholder is obligated to pay for all medical services other than the discount offered by the EyeBenefits card.


EyeBenefits is a discount vision benefit program whose provider network consists of over 14,000 optical store locations nationwide. Provider Network includes independent optical stores and major optical chain stores that include LensCrafters, Visionworks, For Eyes Optical, Pearle Vision and Wal*Mart Vision Centers. The vision program also includes discounts on LASIK surgery with over 2,000 LASIK centers in selected markets across the United States.

Disclaimer: These percentages are examples and vary from Provider to Provider.

If you are ready to sign up, click the link below and you will be guided through the sign-up process. Once you receive your membership e-card, you will be able to begin using your benefits immediately.

Find Your Nearest Eye Care Provider

To find eye care providers or optometrists nearest you, enter your Zip Code then click “Submit”. If you are having problems finding a location, try refreshing the page and then searching other zip codes close to you.

Please Note: EyeBenefits is not responsible or liable for any services or materials rendered by an EyeBenefits participating vison healthcare provider, LASIK Center, or online contacts lens order.

All participating eye care providers listed on the EyeBenefits website have been contracted directly with EyeBenefits. If a provider is uncertain if EyeBenefits is in their system, please have them call EyeBenefits Provider Relations directly at 480-659-2850.

Become An EyeBenefits Provider

EyeBenefits is always seeking to become partners with additional high quality eye care professionals. EyeBenefits, established in 1987, offers its Discount Vision Program to organized groups, individuals, and families nationwide. The EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program has several million cardholders on board who are all looking for quality eye care professionals that are a part of the program.

If you are a quality eye care provider and are interested in drawing the interest of millions of EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program members to your practice or vision products retail store, get in touch with us today. Our discount program can guide more eye care patients to your doors. Don’t miss out on how EyeBenefits can help you if you are a vision healthcare provider trying to to expand their practice.

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