Lasik Discounts

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LASIK can be a considerable benefit to your quality of life, when you’re in need of serious vision correction. Improved vision and living without the need for glasses or contacts has been life-changing for countless people. Imagine not having to fumble around for your glasses or mess with putting in contact lenses first thing in the morning?

If you’re contemplating LASIK, it’s critically important to find a qualified LASIK professional. This is easily done as a member of the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program, because we only partner with licensed providers. Long-term results from LASIK tend to be best in people who are carefully evaluated before surgery to ensure that they are good candidates for the procedure. Your vision care professional will give you a thorough evaluation and comprehensive eye examination to evaluate your vision and assess whether you can undergo the procedure safely. A qualified LASIK professional will be able to answer all of your questions.

LASIK is a complicated procedure that requires trained professionals and expensive equipment, which makes it expensive. While it will save you money in the long run, because you no longer have to purchase glasses or contacts, the one-time cost may be prohibitive. The good news is that with the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program, you will reduce the cost of LASIK, making it affordable and accessible for you.

Everyone In The Family Can Benefit!

A family membership in the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program will allow each person in your family to receive discounts on their procedures. You can save money on LASIK, which will then save you future money on eye care.

You and your loved ones will benefit from the discounts offered through an EyeBenefits membership. It could easily pay for itself by offering significant discounts on LASIK, as well as regular eye care your family needs. Don’t waste anymore time. Enroll in the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program today!

LASIK Discounts FAQs

Some common question about saving money on LASIK procedures

  • On average, LASIK costs range between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye. And you'll most likely be paying out of pocket for LASIK, even if you have vision insurance. Most insurance companies consider LASIK and other corrective laser eye surgeries to be elective procedures. If you want the benefit of life-changing LASIK, you need EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program!

  • After your eyes have healed from surgery, normal aging takes place. That could be a factor in the possibility of retreatment. Other factors, such as a high refractive error, may increase the possibility of LASIK retreatment. Should this be the case, you’ll be grateful for discounts from EyeBenefits.

  • LASIK surgery permanently corrects vision problems like nearsightedness, usually eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses immediately after the procedure. However, LASIK surgery doesn’t protect against age-related eye conditions or remove certain refractive errors caused by the thickness of the cornea. For this reason, individuals who have had successful LASIK may still need glasses.

  • Complications are rare but possible. Rather than ask friends or relatives, have a conversation with your LASIK surgeon to discuss both risks and benefits. Everyone responds differently. By following your post-operative instructions and attending your follow-up visits, your LASIK professional can ensure you are healing without complications.

  • Most people are able to see well enough to perform everyday tasks within a few days. Your vision will gradually improve, but it could take several weeks to fully recover and several months to experience the complete benefits of the procedure.