Glasses Discounts

Get Eyeglasses Discounts From EyeBenefits And Save Money!

Eyeglasses are expensive! When you’re shopping for quality vision care in the United States, you’re likely to experience sticker shock when faced with the price tag on glasses. For a premium pair of prescription glasses, the cost of the lenses alone can range from $500 to $1,000. When you add on the price of frames, the total may make your eyes pop.

If you’re fortunate to have vision insurance, that can help defray costs. But vision insurance only covers a portion of the expense, so you’re still left with a major dent in your wallet. That’s where the benefit of having a vision discount program, like EyeBenefits, can give you significant relief.

You might try to save money with a $20 non-prescription pair of reading glasses. But if you find yourself wearing them all the time, you could do damage to your eyes. The frames need to be fitted properly, centered for your eyes, so you’re looking straight through the middle. With over-the-counter eyewear, you could possibly experience:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Eye Strain
  • Headaches

If you become a member of EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program, you’ll be able to purchase the eyewear that fits you properly and offers the best corrected vision. Your eyes are too important to jeopardize. EyeBenefits will give you access to glasses discounts that offer you peace of mind, knowing you’ve made the best corrective vision choice. And EyeBenefits will help to keep your bank account intact. Save money and reduce the stress of purchasing glasses with membership in the EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program.

Vision Insurance Only Goes So Far

Most vision insurance will not cover broken or replacement glasses if you lose a pair, unless you’ve purchased an extended warranty. A broken lens or snapped frame can mean a significant unplanned expense. The glasses discounts that your membership in the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program provides can be a saving grace in these otherwise disastrous, expensive situations, because it’s often a major cost saver for you.

Glasses Discounts for Families are also Available

Certain vision issues, like nearsightedness, are hereditary. This means that multiple people in your family may need glasses. And children are notorious for losing or breaking their glasses. Fortunately, EyeBenefits offers family plans that will help with the expense of eye exams, initial glasses purchases and replacement glasses. When you join the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program as a family, your future glasses purchases won’t have to break the bank!

Get glasses discounts that will make your life easier and save you significant money by becoming a member of the EyeBenefits Discount Vision Program today!

Glasses Discounts FAQs

Some common question about saving money on glasses

  • Your membership is active for one year. During that period, you and members of your family may take advantage of your EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program as many times as you need. There are no limits to the number of eye exams, eyewear and repairs or replacements.

  • Click on the membership tab at the top of the page. Enter your group code to receive your group rate. If you don’t know you group code call your organization’s benefit department. Proceed by clicking “Next” and continue through the enrollment process. To complete your enrollment you will need a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or debit card.

  • You can sign up right on our website! Click on the membership tab at the top of the page. In just a few steps, you’re a member. To complete your enrollment, you will need a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or debit card. You’ll start saving right away.

  • You can invite your Ophthalmologist to become an EyeBenefits provider. Your provider can visit our website, choose the providers tab at the top of the page and complete the necessary information. EyeBenefits is always seeking additional high-quality eye care professionals.

  • The advantage of EyeBenefits is that it’s partnered with professionals all across the United States. Just click on the Providers tab at the top of the page and enter your geographic information. You will most likely find more than one provider, giving you the option to compare prices.

  • It’s possible that some online glasses providers will allow you to use EyeBenefits. Start with one that allows vision insurance and then contact them to see if they will also let you use your EyeBenefits membership.