Membership Discount Programs vs. Glasses Coupons

Coupon Conundrum

When finishing up a purchase the other day, the site I was on prompted me to enter a coupon code. Saving money is really important to me. With rising costs in almost everything I need to buy, every dollar savings helps. So, if presented with an opportunity to save money, I’ll take advantage of it. But of course, finding a coupon code is not without toil and tribulation.

Not to be deterred, I begin the search for a coupon code that would work. This is like going down that proverbial rabbit hole with twists, turns and often frustration. Navigating my way, avoiding clicking on ads that keep popping up, I forge ahead. This code expired. This one is for another company, with a similar product, but has unfavorable reviews. This code didn’t work. I finally find a coupon code that does work, and save 10% off of a $20 purchase, which is two dollars. And yes, every dollar helps, but what about my time? That is valuable as well.

Glasses Coupons

My next major family purchase was for eye glasses, which led me down that rabbit hole again, looking for glasses coupons. And I found some, but they were all for the same company, and the small print cautioned me about the glasses coupon code having a several-month expiration date range. This meant that it was possible that the code may not work if the company runs out of the specific inventory associated with that glasses coupon.

What? With this glasses coupon I most likely do not have available to me the complete inventory offered in this online store. I do not want to narrow my choice of glasses by opting to use a glasses coupon!

Membership Discount Program - What’s in it for me?

After more research, which now I never want to do again, I discover that membership in a glasses discount program will save me doubly: more money than one glasses coupon and my valuable time.

Membership in a glasses discount program offers a wide range of eyecare professionals all across the country. This gives me the benefit of a relationship with my eyecare professional, as I can partner with one that is local, rather than the online store that offers glasses coupons. What if I have a problem with how the glasses fit? If I make an online purchase, there will be a back and forth until the glasses fit properly. If I’ve purchased my glasses from a local provider, I can drop in and they will make any necessary adjustments in minutes. More time saving and less aggravation.

An additional benefit of a membership glasses discount program is that I can use it over and over again, rather than a glasses coupon with a one-time discount. Everyone in my family wears glasses, so a family membership saves me money over and over again for everything we encounter:

  • New prescriptions
  • Broken Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Glasses Adjustments

I no longer waste time searching for glasses coupons. I enjoy a membership discount program that is specific to me, and allows a long-term relationship with my eyecare provider. When it comes to decisions regarding glasses for my family, I want a provider I can trust and is hassle-free.