Membership Discount Programs vs. LASIK Coupons

How to Save Time and Money on Contact Lenses

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is an investment that will pay you back every waking moment of your life. But some people hesitate because of the cost. If LASIK is something you are considering, you’ll want to get the best price. Searching the internet could consume a considerable amount of time, or you could become a member of EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program and save money with no effort.

To help with the decision, let’s look at how LASIK can save you money over time. Since candidates for LASIK are already wearing glasses or contact lenses, it’s prudent to compare what you are spending for either of them to the cost of LASIK.


LASIK surgery could replace the need for glasses for many years. An internet search indicates that there’s a wide range of prices for glasses and eye exams. The average cost is:

  • Price of glasses – $355
  • Price of an eye exam - $150

Most optometrist recommend replacing glasses every one to three years. If we go the middle of the road, two years, you will spend around $2,525 over ten years and $5,050 over twenty years. It could be more or possibly less, depending upon where you live, how fancy your glasses are and how often you get new glasses.

Contact Lenses

As with glasses, LASIK surgery will replace the need for contact lenses for many years. Contact lenses can vary in cost depending on the brand and type. You also have to factor in the cost of the eye exam. There’s a difference between a contact lens exam and a regular eye exam because it involves the need to obtain accurate dimensions of your eye’s shape, especially the cornea and lens so that your contacts fit comfortably.

Because of the wide variety of lenses, it’s difficult to do a cost comparison between contact lenses and LASIK, but it’s safe to assume that, based on research, you may spend around $5,000 over ten years for contact lenses and exams.


The average price for LASIK surgery in the United States in 2022 was $2,200 per eye. The quoted cost usually covers the initial consultation, the procedure, and standard follow-up appointments. The one-time average LASIK costs are:

  • The surgery (for both eyes) - $4,400
  • Each subsequent year - $0

So it’s easy to see that over the long term, LASIK will save you money. Decision made! Now comes the often frustrating and time-consuming part. How to get the best price for the LASIK surgery. An internet search to determine the cost will return ten or more possibilities, all with some sort of coupon or discount. Now you have to spend your valuable time vetting each one and comparing costs. Unless you’re a member of EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program!

The Double Value of EyeBenefits – Time and Money

EyeBenefits partners with licensed professional LASIK providers, so this saves you the time and effort of vetting other doctors. EyeBenefits will also save you money, usually more than any one-time discount from other providers. These discounts are often for first-time patients. With EyeBenefits, you can use your discounts over and over again each year. And with a family membership, each person will have the opportunity to get a discount. Nearsightedness, a condition easily treated with LASIK, tends to be hereditary. If both parents are nearsighted, the risk of a child developing the condition is increased.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery, it makes perfect sense to become a member of EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program. You can use the time and money saved, over searching for LASIK coupons, for a variety of much more enjoyable options for you and your family.